Lisa Biggs
Founder & Executive Director

Lisa has spent the past decade traveling and teaching English at schools, orphanages, language institutes and businesses throughout multiple countries. She has coordinated international student administrations as well as developed educational materials. Lisa strongly believes that connecting humanity is the key to happiness for children worldwide.


Sian Deeble
Secretary & Development Associate

Sian has a Masters level English Language Teaching degree through Cambridge University and a Bachelor's in Dance through the University of Surrey. She has taught all ages and levels in Spain, England, Italy, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Having helped thousands of children from all walks of life realize their full potential, Sian is now eager to continue her work on the Sunflower Bridge team.


Dolores Padilla
Program Associate & Treasurer

Dolores has 25 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and curriculum developer in California. She has a Master’s in Educational Administration from St. Mary's College and her CLAD credential from Stanford University with a focus on bilingual, multilingual, and multicultural education. Dolores has worked as a K-12 educator, program coordinator, school administrator and cultural awareness consultant. 


Amir Friedlander
Content Manager & Webmaster

Based in the Bay Area, Amir works as a passionate marketing specialist for local startups and international organizations. His career spans across human rights activism, accessible medical research, and technology that connects users on a personal level.


Cody Creighton
Visual Designer

Cody is a talented artist who creates signage and graphics for local businesses. As a personal trainer, he also strives to make the world better through health education and environmentalism. 


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Our Mission and Method

We believe that challenges help us to grow, and with the right mindset and education the biggest obstacles in life can turn into the fastest route to our greatest desires. We believe teaching children this mindset and how to apply it to their lives will create secure, happy and empowered young people. We combine this education with the timeless human tradition of storytelling to fulfill our mission to connect and empower children internationally.

Our first step is to design educational workshops in collaboration with experts from appropriate fields for groups of children who are facing extreme challenges in life. These workshops teach the children how to turn those around to their advantage. Not only does this help them tackle the problem they’re currently facing, but it teaches them to approach every challenge they face with that attitude and develop deep resilience, growth mindset and problem-solving skills. One of the most fulfilling things you can do after navigating life’s challenges, is share your experiences with others so they can learn from you and transform their own lives. This approach is the difference from feeling powerless and being a victim of your circumstances, to being a powerful, intentional creator of your own life and future while also being able to make a profound contribution to the lives of others.

We want the children we work with to experience this, so every workshop we run includes a story creation piece. The children are presented with the first part of a story featuring Sunny the Sunflower Seed, who is facing a challenge similar to theirs. The children work with our team of teachers, authors and artists to create their own characters to become Sunny’s friends and teach him how to turn his challenges into an advantages like they have. Sunflower Bridge takes these amazing tales from these brave young role-models and publishes beautiful storybooks to share this with other children. The books contain professional illustrations of the children’s creations as well as background art created by other children. The children-writers get to see their books in libraries, schools and homes-knowing that their contribution has had a positive impact on others, empowering them further.

We believe that strong, secure, empowered and compassionate children are the key to a bright future for all of humanity, and we are dedicated to making that a reality for every child.