Pre-Order "Free To Be Book"

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Pre-Order "Free To Be Book"


Pre-order the “Free to Be” Book written by the Children of Ventura County who survived the Thomas Fire.

This isn’t just a book, this is a Superhero Mindset development program! In addition to the Hardcover copy of the book, you’ll get a parent guide that teaches the theory behind the program and how to implement these lessons into their home life.

There is also a PDF activity guide so parents and their children can learn through fun, simple games, activities and craft projects.

In addition, each program comes with access to a guided meditation based in mindfulness and visualization that teaches children how to create and utilize a safe space in their mind and calm themselves to allow them to act powerfully!

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Please note this is a pre-order, the book will be shipped to you after it's release in December 2018.

Sunny the Sunflower Seed is a normal, happy-go-lucky little sunflower seed from Ojai, CA. He is so excited about growing up big and strong!

Then one day…something bad happens to Sunny…

Sunny gets very scared and afterwards a mean dark cloud follows Sunny around. The cloud makes Sunny anxious, have nightmares, angry and overwhelmed by some really big emotions. Sunny is really sad and doesn’t know what to do to make the dark cloud go away….then…he meets a group of friends who know exactly how to defeat the dark cloud! They teach Sunny many techniques that make the cloud go away! Most importantly, he learns that when you talk about it with someone you trust, and if you never give up or get disheartened if the cloud doesn't go away immediately you make it weaker and weaker so you can use your magic against it!

Learn more about Sunny’s adventure and find out if Sunny can defeat the dark cloud and grow up to be the happy, strong Sunflower he always should have been FREE TO BE…