“Team Sunny” available May 18th, 2019!

Sunny is a little Sunflower Sprout from Southern California. After a storm leaves him dealing with the stress of Cloudius, a grumpy storm cloud, Sunny’s friends teach him how to defeat Cloudius!

We all face stresses and catastrophes in life and how we face them makes all the difference. Learning how to look after ourselves mentally and physically in the face of stress allows us to overcome obstacles more effectively. Emotional wellbeing keeps us healthier and happier!

Sunny’s friends were created by children impacted by the 2017 Thomas Fire in Southern California. In workshops they learned, from local experts, techniques and practices to help them manage the stress of having experienced a natural disaster. Though their characters, brought to life by local artist Cody Creighton, they teach the lessons they learned to Sunny-and to the reader. Each character’s superpower has been proven to help deal with stress and thus can be used to battle Cloudius! Through Sunny, children will learn how mindfulness, meditation, fitness, identifying their emotions, building community and time with animals can be used to fight stress and anxiety.

Each book comes with a pdf Parent Guide that gives activities to do at home to practice the lessons from the book. In addition, an mp3 download of a guided meditation for children where they learn to visualize a safe space when they’re feeling scared or anxious.

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