1) Introduction to Meditation with Kim Vincent and Sunny

This 3 minute track explains the concept of meditation to your child and introduces them the story of how Sunny learned about meditation.

We recommend listening to this the first time you meditate with your child, and as many times as you need! Once you’ve got the hang of it, feel free to skip this step and go straight to the meditation!

2) Sunny’s Safe Space Meditation

Join Kim and Sunny on this guided meditation as they;

  • Explore breathing by utilizing “bubble breaths.”

  • Fly around their body observing the lives of their emotions, in this mindfulness based exercise.

  • Use visualization to create a safe space in their minds that they can visit anytime they need a little extra calm, bravery or peace.

We recommend practicing this meditation with your child, discussing your experiences with them afterwards. We find this works especially well to open a dialogue with your child about their emotional world, and yours!

Want to learn more of Sunny’s techniques for developing a Superhero Mindset to defeat stress, anxiety and fear?

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Read the story of Sunny

See what else you and your child can learn about a Superhero Mindset!

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