Sunflower Bridge puts the human back in humanitarian by teaching children how to turn life’s challenges into advantages through storytelling



We provide educational workshops to children in need


The children create storybooks about how to turn those challenges into advantages


We publish the books and share their message with the world


Attend the Book Launch and Signing for Team Sunny!

Our first children’s book created by kids for kids! This book teaches emotional wellbeing, resilience and wellness, giving kids tools they can use to keep themselves happy, secure and thriving for their whole lives! Come meet the children who created the story and get your copy signed!

May 18th, 2019. Ojai Library. 111 Ojai Ave, Ojai CA

Guided Meditation for Children-Free Download

This guided meditation teaches children the basics of a meditation practice, including deep breathing, mindfulness based body scan and a visualization to create feelings of safety and security.

Great for anxiety, trouble sleeping, stress at school, and any situation where your child could benefit from feeling safe, calm and in control!

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Our biggest challenges in life become big lessons and with the right mindset, big advantages. The children we work with have faced greater challenges than most and this can be terrifying to them. Sunflower Bridge wants to turn that fear into freedom.
— Lisa Biggs, Founder

Sunflower Bridge wants people who love people.


Whether you're an orphanage, school, hospital, clean water provider, or a humanitarian nonprofit — if you're working to better the lives and futures of the children, Sunflower Bridge wants to partner with you.

We'll visit your organization or event and run storytelling workshops with your children, then use that content to create amazing educational books which will be read all over the world. Proceeds from the sale of the books will go to fund your group. 

Interested in joining forces for good? Reach out to us!